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Councillor Richard Huffer calls for inquiry into Clee Hill planning debacle

Last week, a developer on Clee Hill built fencing against decades old housing on Tenbury Road. That has prevented residents opening their windows. Media reports even suggest that the developer has told residents that if they open the windows on the back of their homes, they will be trespassing. Richard Huffer who represents Clee on Shropshire Council has been working to resolve these issues over the last few years. Last Wednesday, he sent an urgent message to the most senior officer in Shropshire Council’s planning department asking for action “urgently before this escalates with potential harm and further media coverage.” There is now both harm and media coverage. He is now calling for an inquiry by a council scrutiny committee into the planning department’s actions on this scheme.

Developments as Ironbridge 1,000 home application goes back to planning committee with improved social housing offer

On Friday, the 204-metre chimney at the former power station tumbled to the ground. It is the last major structure to be demolished before the site is redeveloped for 1,000 homes, shops, community facilities and a school. This will be a new settlement around the size of Much Wenlock or Ellesmere. The planning application for the site is proving controversial and complex. At its meeting in June, the Southern Planning Committee voted to defer a decision to get a better deal on affordable housing and traffic impacts on Much Wenlock and more information on the impact on local health services. When the application returned to the committee in August, the proposal on the table was largely unchanged and the committee voted to reject the application by 8 votes to 2. Now, in an unusual move, the application will be reheard at a special meeting of the Southern Planning Committee on 20 September. There is a new offer on the table in a letter from developer Haworth with more affordable housing. The letter is laden with dire portents of doom for the council should the committee refuse the application again. Never has the Southern Planning Committee been under such pressure. The…

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Fishmore Quarry bank application must ensure Castle View Terrace meadow is protected

A second application has been lodged to stabilise the rock face at Fishmore Quarry. The first was approved yesterday and will involve construction of a green wall with a grass and wildflower slope above. This second application is more difficult. Part of the rock face will be secured with rock nails. The less stable soil above will be secured with soil nails and meshing. The controversial part of the proposal will involve regrading the slope along the south west edge of Castle View Terrace meadow. This will remove about 11% of the meadow. In order to carry out the works, Shropshire Homes are likely to bring construction vehicles onto the meadow and that could damage the historic soil structure. It seems inevitable that this application will be approved but everything must be done to protect the meadow and its historic brick wall.

Dark day for Shropshire as local plan narrowly voted through in council meeting shambles

The Greens were in the gods, the sound system was in the pits and the Speaker was stage left. As for Robert Tindall, he exited Theatre Severn stage right in Shakespearean style. Robert, Tory councillor for Cleobury North, was dismissed from the Southern Planning Committee in a callous act by the council leader just because he voted for what his constituents believed in. It was a dark day for Shropshire. The wrong plan for our county. And the wrong approach to democracy for our modern age. It confirmed that planning in Shropshire under the current Tory regime is about politics, not policies.

Green wall planned to stabilise cliff face at Fishmore Quarry housing development

Shropshire Homes has submitted new plans for stabilisation of the mudstone quarry face. The southwest section of the face will be stablished with a green wall created with wire boxes filled with granular material. A slope above the wall will protect housing on Castle View Terrace. However, the critical issue of how to stabilise the quarry face below the Castle View Terrace meadow have not yet been resolved. Previously, the top of the face was to be reprofiled with the loss of part of the meadow. The developers are still working on a solution and I fear it may still involve loss of some meadow.

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