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Defeat! Bitter blow as planning inspector approves five bungalows on Sidney Road green

Since February, a Bristol based planning inspector has been examining an appeal for five independent living bungalows on the green space at the bottom of Sidney Road and Charlton Rise. On Thursday, she announced that the appeal had been allowed and gave the scheme planning permission. The good news is that the scheme is for five affordable homes. The bad news is it will lead to the loss of a fine Norway Maple and much of an important green space. This decision is final and can only be revoked by the high court. Although we need affordable homes, we also need to preserve the character of our town. This is an important gateway into Ludlow and we should be trying to improve the aesthetics. This bog standard scheme will not achieve that.

Plans for 200 homes south of Rocks Green approved by planners with increase in affordable housing in first phase

Yesterday, Shropshire Council gave full planning permission for 68 homes and outline planning permission for up a further 132 dwellings east of the Ludlow A49 bypass at Rocks Green. The first phase of the scheme includes twelve affordable homes. The scheme by J Ross Developments is expected to accommodate up to 200 homes (17/05189/FUL). It will be built in three phases. The first now has full planning permission has 68 homes, four fewer than originally proposed. Twelve homes on the west of the site will be affordable (18%). This is an increase from the ten affordable homes initially proposed following the intervention of the South Planning Committee last March.  

Housing development on Bromfield Road is set to create a polluted neighbourhood of poor doors

The principle of housing development between Bromfield Road and the A49 was approved at a public inquiry and cannot now be challenged. However, the details of the scheme are very much up for debate and negotiation. One of my main concerns about this 213-home development is its treatment of affordable housing. Thirteen of the 28 affordable homes planned are squeezed into triangle between the railway, Bromfield Road and the A49. These homes will be blighted by noise and pollution. “Poor doors”, developments where social housing is distinctively different and with reduced access to amenity, have been common in major cities. It now seems that this practice, which the prime minister Theresa May has said should be outlawed looks set to spread to Ludlow.

Highways disputes and mediocre plans for trees delay progress on 340 Ludlow homes

Delays continue in getting final planning approval for the housing developments at Foldgate Lane and Bromfield Road. Trees and highways are the main issues. Network Rail has also warned about the potential for a future increase in noise from trains affecting the Bromfield Road site.   Delays are not unusual in planning matters though approval Foldgate Lane, which has received a third “stop notice” from Highways England, is rather dragging on.

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