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Another night of damage at Ludlow’s Eco Park. Enough is enough. Shropshire Council must act

Last night, young racers caused significant damage to the surface of the Eco Park park and ride site. There was also much spinning of vehicles on the Eco Park over the weekend. This is not new. But neither the police of Shropshire Council seem interested in tackling the problem. In Ludlow, we have a long term problem with young racers. The police seem to prefer them to be at the Eco Park where they do not disturb town centre residents. We had a clampdown on young racers last year but this now seems to be off the police’s radar. Viv Parry and I have received several complaints in recent days. We are both appalled by the continual damage, littering and fly-tipping.

Last night, the power cables to the lights on the Christmas tree in the market square were cut. They will be repaired tonight (Friday) by Ludlow Town Council after the market is cleared of stallholders. The lights switch on is tomorrow. This is not the first time this has happened. Last year, 60 bulbs from the Christmas light display were smashed. Vandalism on the market area is not new but it is a problem. Young people hang out around the stalls at night. A very small number of them engage in antisocial behaviour.

We have Eastern European beggars on the streets of Ludlow – what should we do?

In recent weeks, Eastern Europeans have appeared on Ludlow’s streets. They are said to be Romanian and sit on Church Street and Tower Street. They beg with empty coffee cups. These beggars are not homeless in a conventional sense. They are clean and have no baggage or sleeping bag. They arrive and depart Ludlow by car. But the people involved could still be vulnerable. What should we do?

There will be an opportunity to asks questions and express concerns about crime and safety at a public meeting in Ludlow on 2 March. The main guest of the evening will be West Mercia’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Tracey Onslow. She will talk about how the commissioner’s office and West Mercia Police work to reduce crime and fear of crime. The meeting will also discuss antisocial behaviour and continuing problems with young people racing around the town centre and other streets.

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