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Changes to Henley Hall solar farm access thrown out giving residents some tranquility

Plans for a solar farm at Henley Hall on the outskirts of Ludlow were approved in June after an appeal to the planning inspectorate. In September, the size of the solar farm was reduced. But at the same time, Kronos Solar said it wanted construction traffic to access the site near to housing at Lower Ledwyche. The original plan had been to access the solar farm via an existing concrete track well away from housing. Nearby residents were quite rightly furious with the plans, which would have caused considerable local disruption.

BT wants to close 214 payphones around Shropshire. Thirteen of these are in the Ludlow and Clee area. One is the second most used phone on the countywide closure list and is used on average once a day. But, in an age of mobile phones, do we still need phone boxes? I think we do as several of these phone boxes are in mobile phone not spots. Shropshire Council is consulting on the removal of these and other payphones around the county. It is asking for views by Monday 28 November 2016. Please send your comments to community.enablement@shropshire.gov.uk. Here is the list of payphones in the Ludlow and Clee area that are proposed for closure.

Update 26 February 2016 The planning inspectorate has appointed Philip Major as inspector for the appeal. Update 21 February 2016 On the day, our submission to the planning appeal was accepted (see below), Kronos Solar lodged a hasty code of conduct complaint against me for publishing a letter from its director Alexander Arcache. The letter had asked if I would help him get the application through South Planning Committee. It goes without saying that I am not going to advise or help any developer on an application where I have a vote. The complaint was rejected but I accept that I should have sent the letter to Shropshire Council for publication on the planning portal. Main article 1 February 2016 There will be a lot of Ludlow people in Craven Arms on 5 April. We’ll be at the Gateway for the appeal hearing into Shropshire Council’s refusal of an application for a 5MW solar farm at Henley Hall on Squirrel Lane. The four of us unitary councillors for Ludlow and Clee will be there, along with residents from the area. We’ll be facing Kronos Solar, the applicant, which is determined to get this scheme approved. Kronos, based in Munich, has…

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