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Pedestrian access to new housing off Bromfield Road will be prone to flooding

The scheme for 213 homes on a wedge of greenfield land off Bromfield Road between the railway and the A49 were first proposed in 2013. They were rejected by the South Planning Committee twice but were approved by a planning inspector in 2015. A controversial footbridge linking the development with Fishmore View was removed from the scheme in 2017. That left a footbridge over the railway as the only pedestrian access to the site. Tesni, the housing developer, could not reach agreement with Network Rail on construction of footbridge. The new proposal is to create a pedestrian and cycle path from the site that descends to the banks of the Corve, goes under the railway viaduct and through the Burway Trading Estate to Bromfield Road. This path will be raised above the current level but will still occasionally flood. Tesni’s consultants propose that a warning system is installed to indicate path closures during flood events.

Housing development on Bromfield Road is set to create a polluted neighbourhood of poor doors

The principle of housing development between Bromfield Road and the A49 was approved at a public inquiry and cannot now be challenged. However, the details of the scheme are very much up for debate and negotiation. One of my main concerns about this 213-home development is its treatment of affordable housing. Thirteen of the 28 affordable homes planned are squeezed into triangle between the railway, Bromfield Road and the A49. These homes will be blighted by noise and pollution. “Poor doors”, developments where social housing is distinctively different and with reduced access to amenity, have been common in major cities. It now seems that this practice, which the prime minister Theresa May has said should be outlawed looks set to spread to Ludlow.

Highways disputes and mediocre plans for trees delay progress on 340 Ludlow homes

Delays continue in getting final planning approval for the housing developments at Foldgate Lane and Bromfield Road. Trees and highways are the main issues. Network Rail has also warned about the potential for a future increase in noise from trains affecting the Bromfield Road site.   Delays are not unusual in planning matters though approval Foldgate Lane, which has received a third “stop notice” from Highways England, is rather dragging on.

Final plans for more than homes off Bromfield Road, Ludlow announced – generally good but improvement needed

Days before the deadline, final plans for 213 homes between Bromfield Road and the A49 were submitted to Shropshire Council. The site will be accessed from a new roundabout on the A49 and a pedestrian footbridge over the railway line. All housing will be above the floodplain. A retail store will be built on Bromfield Road. The principle of housing development on this site is accepted. It is now a question of making it as good as possible. It must boost its affordable housing to meet Shropshire Council’s requirement of 15% affordable housing in Ludlow. A suggestion from planning officers that the footbridge to Fishmore View should be reinstated in the plans is unacceptable.

Fishmore View footbridge finally gets formal approval to be removed from plans

Seven months after it was submitted, a planning application to delete plans for a footbridge over the Corve to Fishmore View has been formally approved. I don’t know what the delay was as we have known of the decision since the end of January. But it is good to have it confirmed in writing. The officer report accompanying the decision gives full support to dropping the footbridge from the plans (16/04545/VAR). It questions the reasoning applied by the planning inspector who approved the housing scheme and is critical of his failure to consider the scale and visual impact of the bridge.

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