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Castle View Terrace Meadow housing thrown out by planning inspector

It could not be better news on a cold winter’s morning with heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. But before you hibernate under a duvet, you might wish to celebrate the saving of the meadow on Castle View Terrace. A planning inspector has thrown out an appeal against Shropshire Council’s refusal of planning permission for six homes in December 2020. Residents mounted a strong and successful campaign against the Shropshire Homes scheme. They took professional advice and weathered the stress that many residents feel when unwanted and unwarranted development is proposed on their doorstep. The planning inspector noted the “extensive and well-thought-through comments” they submitted to the appeal. I take my hat off to the campaigners. This scheme should never have been proposed. Shropshire Homes should now do the decent thing and transfer the land to the local community at a minimal cost to allow the meadow to be brought into community use.

How can building six terraced homes generate £2.1 million mostly for the local economy as claimed by Berrys? There will be economic benefit from construction, purchase of materials and from the wages that construction and other workers spend. That amounts to £900,000 according Berrys and “every £1 spent on construction generates a total of £2.84 in extra economic activity, most of which is generated in the local area.” Nonsense. This a bloated claim that has no legitimacy. It is not even up to date with industry estimates. The £2.84 claim relates to all construction – airports, power stations and more, not specifically housing. The economic uplift is to GDP not the local economy. Shropshire Homes, which has retained Berrys to make the technical arguments in the planning appeal, is clutching at straws. Straws can be used to build houses but we must hope that straw houses will not convince a planning inspector.

In December 2020, Shropshire planners threw out an application for a terrace of six homes, none affordable, on the meadow on Castle View Terrace. The application departed so far from planning policy that it didn’t even go to the planning committee. It was rejected by planning officers who said the housing is not needed and it would destroy an important green space that is much used and loved by the community. But Shropshire Homes is determined to go ahead and lodged an appeal earlier in the year. It has retained Berrys to fight the case on its behalf. The initial appeal papers were published yesterday. As might be expected, Berrys slam the council’s reasons for rejecting the application. It has set up a battle over interpretation of planning rules. A technical swordfight. And in several respects a game of words. We are fighting for a vital green space. The local community has offered £130,000 to purchase the meadow. The best thing that Shropshire Homes can do is to stop fighting Ludlow and work with our town on building the housing we need in the right places. We need developers that work with our town. Not against it.

Fishmore Quarry bank application must ensure Castle View Terrace meadow is protected

A second application has been lodged to stabilise the rock face at Fishmore Quarry. The first was approved yesterday and will involve construction of a green wall with a grass and wildflower slope above. This second application is more difficult. Part of the rock face will be secured with rock nails. The less stable soil above will be secured with soil nails and meshing. The controversial part of the proposal will involve regrading the slope along the south west edge of Castle View Terrace meadow. This will remove about 11% of the meadow. In order to carry out the works, Shropshire Homes are likely to bring construction vehicles onto the meadow and that could damage the historic soil structure. It seems inevitable that this application will be approved but everything must be done to protect the meadow and its historic brick wall.

We are losing trees and biodiversity in and around Ludlow (2) – Fishmore Quarry

In my previous article, I railed against the planning system which serves us badly when it comes to protecting and enhancing biodiversity. In this article, I look in more detail at the Fishmore Quarry housing development where the one of Ludlow’s richest areas of biodiversity has been bulldozed. It is far from clear whether the tree and shrub clearance is within current planning consents, though the developer insists it is. What is clear is that technical changes to this scheme have led to a significant loss of biodiversity. One of the biggest losses we have seen in Ludlow. We can’t keep allowing this. We should not have allowed it here. Biodiversity can’t be instantly replaced by scattering seeds or planting quicks and saplings. Biodiversity areas take decades to mature. We must change the way we assess planning applications to ensure this doesn’t keep happening.

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