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It’s time to talk poo – we are holding a Ludlow dog fouling summit on 26 February

It is the season of dog poo. Dark nights encourage people ignore the mess their dog makes. It is left there for everyone to tread on. It looks disgusting and it is downright dangerous for everyone, especially children. A back of envelope calculation suggests dogs in Ludlow and the walking areas adjacent to it produce one tonne of poo every day. If a small fraction of that is left behind, we have a major problem with dog mess – and know we have a major problem with dog mess. This blog and the summit a result in a specific request from a resident, one of many comments I have received in the last few months. We are organising a brainstorming session to come up with simple and effective ideas to reduce the problem. It will be held 5.30pm to 7pm upstairs in the Rose and Crown on Tuesday, 26 February.

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