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Unemployment levels have more than halved in the last 18 months across the Ludlow constituency. That’s very good news. Youth unemployment is falling too. And we have much lower unemployment than many areas around us and the UK as a whole. What we need to concentrate on now is the quality of jobs. Let’s do a few numbers and a few caveats. Across Ludlow parliamentary constituency, today’s statistics show that the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance is down to 519 people. That is still a lot of people, but it’s just 1.3% of the working population. Nationally, 2.9% of the working population are on Jobseekers.

Unemployment in the Ludlow constituency is up by ten people, probably due to students who have completed their college and university courses signing on while they seek jobs. The real level of unemployment is higher than official statistics show – perhaps around 3%, 1,100 people. This is still a relatively good result but there is no room for complacency. This July, there were just 563 Jobseekers claimants in the Ludlow constituency [1]. This is up ten claimants on the previous month. This is probably due to former students signing on as youth unemployment has risen by ten claimants to 135. The overall trend, therefore, is probably still downwards. Alternatively, unemployment could have flattened out. We’ll only know that in a couple of months.

We have seriously good news. At last the economy, after the biggest crisis of my lifetime, is working not hurting – well, not hurting as much. And, despite what many people think, there are jobs for the young. In the last two years, unemployment in the Ludlow constituency [1] has fallen by nearly half. In August 2012 there were 1,042 Jobseekers claimants. This June, there were just 553 claimants [2].

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