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Consultation on Closure of Ludlow Tip

Shropshire Council has not yet made a final decision on closing the Amenity Skip and Recycling Centre at Coder Road – known as the local tip to you and me. But it is only putting forward three options: closure, part-closure and closure. And the staff have been given their notices, so its curtains for the current site. The council is currently consulting on three options: sale of the land conversion to an unmanned recycling bring bank site clearing the site and selling it to environmental charity, Cwm Harry, which is to take over the former biodigester site next door. None of the options involves keeping the site open for non-recyclables. On 4 November, a councillor from Oswestry will decide whether or not to close the Coder Road centre. He will propose the motion and second it. The vote is guaranteed to be unanimous as this Cabinet member will be the only voter. Not a single member of the public or the press is allowed to attend this meeting. We can’t watch him make the decision. We can’t talk to him. We can’t film him. There will there be no notes taken of that meeting. Nothing to say who said what….

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