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New development sites for Shropshire – just two of 64 potential housing sites in Ludlow made it through to the local plan

Last year, Shropshire Council issued a call for landowners and developers to suggest sites for future residential and employment development. Several hundred sites were put forward. Most were rejected. In the Ludlow area, 64 sites were submitted. Enough land to build nearly 7.000 homes. Half the sites submitted were in Ludlow, or adjacent to Ludlow in Ludford and Bromfield. Just two of the 63 sites were approved for inclusion in the current local plan review. A further 20 sites were assessed as having long term potential for development. They could accommodate more than 3,100 homes. This article looks at those sites that made the grade, those that didn’t, and those the planners think could be built on after 2036. I think we need to go further and allocate a garden suburb to be built between now and 2060.

How will the new local plan affect Ludlow? Come to a Shropshire Council meeting on 14 January to find out

We are midway through updating planning policy in Ludlow and Shropshire. The current stage of the local plan review is looking at where houses and employment areas might be built. The council’s site allocation consultation runs until 31 January. A meeting will be held to discuss the council’s proposals on 14 January at 6pm in Elim Church Hall, Ludlow.

New development sites for Shropshire – housing proposals for Ludlow, Ludford and the area

Shropshire Council expects to build 28,750 new homes between 2016 and 2036. Of these, 1,175 will be built in Ludlow (including Ludford), Clee and Burford. After existing permissions and site allocations are considered, we are looking at finding space for another 268 homes by 2036. But there is a caveat to that. If any of the existing permissions and allocations is not built, we will have to find extra sites. Or we could find we have sites imposed on us by the planning inspectorate.

I want to argue the case that we should plan big for Ludlow. That would mean we get it right and have new developments we can be proud of. We should plan for a garden suburb between Rocks Green and Sheet village. That’s maybe 1,000 houses. We shouldn’t rush this. After all, we have yet to build out the 700 Ludlow homes currently in the pipeline. But we need to plan for our town’s future now. Shropshire Council is consulting on its revised local plan. It doesn’t involve 1,000 homes in Ludlow. That’s my gambit. Join us at the Elim Church on Thursday night, 6.30pm to debate the options.

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