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Covid Watch 96: Tracey and Andy talk to Dr Caron Morton about vaccination and safety

Covid-19 vaccine supplies have arrived in the county ready for the vaccination campaign to begin in the next couple of days. It may be a while before many of us receive our jab. Not every we have spoken to will take up the offer of a jab. Some are concerned about adverse health impacts. We talked to Dr Caron Morton GP about the issues for our latest webcast. Andy began the interview by asking whether the development of the vaccine was rushed. Tracey ended by asking whether Caron herself would have a Covid-19 vaccination.

Covid Watch 94: Tracey and Andy talk to Rachel Robinson, Shropshire’s Director of Public Health

One the eve of the lifting lockdown, Andy and Tracey interviewed Rachel Robinson. We discussed whether Shropshire is in the right tier and the growing problem mental health during the epidemic. We also look at the availability of testing. We ask Rachel whether we are in the right tier and whether will be in Tier 1 by Christmas. The good news is that the number of cases across Shropshire are falling though there are still hotspots nationally and locally. The most recent data for Ludlow show it had fewer than three cases in the seven days to 26 November. This webcast comes as the first Covid-19 vaccine has gained approval from UK regulators. We’ll be talking about that in a future edition.

Covid Watch 89: Andy and Tracey talk about the spread of coronavirus in Shropshire and Ludlow

We can’t duck the issue that Covid-19 is here in Ludlow, is everywhere in Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin. We have around 20 cases a week at present in Ludlow, most asymptomatic. Asymptomatic or not, this disease is a nasty spreader. In the next few weeks, months if necessary, Tracey Huffer and I are going to talk about Covid-19. About how it is affecting our community. How we are responding as a community. How health professionals are responding. And we’ll be doing that with the help of professionals and our community. We have a long list of topics to cover along with topic events like the lifting of the second lockdown. We begin today with a video on how we got to where we are today in Shropshire. We will of course be talking about the refined tier system announced by Boris Johnson this afternoon later this week when we know what tier Shropshire is in.

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