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Covid Watch 21: Resolution agreed on GPs wearing PPE at Ludlow Community Hospital

Three days ago, a row blew up about wearing Personal Protective Equipment on the wards of Ludlow Community Hospital. That row gained national and local press coverage, along with coverage on the BBC. That coverage accurately reflected the concern within our community that we thought GPs should wear PPE and that we should not be having arguments in a time of crisis. Now the whole matter has been amicably resolved and will, I hope, be quickly forgotten. Last night, Dr Catherine Beanland and Dr Chris Targett from Portcullis Surgery and ShropCom issued a statement stating that it had been agreed that GPs “working on community hospital wards should adopt additional infection control procedures given their greater exposure to patients in the community.” This is welcome and to me seems common sense.

Ludlow Community Hospital currently has two closed wards. In community discussions led by GPs, our community has agreed to call for the wards to be reopened to relieve pressure on acute services at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princes Royal Hospital. We are not suggesting these would be used for Covid-19 patients but for other patients that might otherwise increase the pressure on acute services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust’s hospitals.  

A big change is coming to 999 ambulance services in Ludlow – response times will grow

From the end of May, ambulances and paramedics will no longer work out of Ludlow. We don’t have a formal ambulance station here but staff are based at Ludlow Community Hospital between call-outs. Even then, only 28% of top priority calls get a 999 team arriving within eight minutes in the SY7 area. The response time is 18 minutes on average. Sometimes it takes an hour. Quick response times are crucial in saving lives and preserving the quality of life. Several minutes will be added to response times when the 999 crews move to Craven Arms.

Ludlow Community Hospital – is this the end?

Ahead of the meeting of Shropshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group on Thursday, 28 September, Tracey Huffer says the paperwork gives a gloomy prognosis for Ludlow Hospital. The Maternity Unit is closed. Services have been stripped out of the hospital. The commercially oriented NHS company, PropCo, wants to hike the rent. It costs more to run the few services left at Ludlow Community Hospital because health chiefs have left us with a half empty building. Tracey Huffer, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East and a practising nurse, believes the writing is on the wall for Ludlow’s community hospital.

BBC Radio Shropshire reveals second incident of Legionella bug in Ludlow

Coming just days after the Feathers Hotel was closed after a guest died from Legionnaires’ disease, this is a worrying development. What we know so far, we only know from the BBC. It is saying that this is a different strain from the Legionella at the Feathers and no one is at risk. I have been emailing public health and Shropshire Council officials since before 11am this morning. There has been no response. That’s shameful.

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