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Plans to convert former maternity unit at Ludlow Hospital into small business spaces

A planning application has been submitted to convert the former maternity unity at Ludlow Community Hospital to workshops and office space (22/02263/COU). The building was put up for sale last October and there was concern that it might be converted into apartments, a use that would not be compatible with the hospital uses on the site. This is good application from entrepreneurs Johnny Bergius and Ed Godrich who have been looking for a home for an adventurous concept. The plan is to host an eclectic mix of small businesses, offices, artists, craft studios, filmmakers and the like. There is also talk of a coffee roastery. We are desperately short of space for small enterprises in Ludlow. We need projects like this to allow south Shropshire’s community, culture and economy to thrive. There is no plan for managing the health estate across Ludlow. Both GP practices will need more space by the middle of the decade, if not before, as Ludlow’s population grows, as health needs increase with an ageing population and GPs take on a broader range of services. From that perspective there would be sense in keeping the building to be part of a health hub for the town….

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A tribute to our friend, Peter Corfield MBE

By Dr Catherine Beanland, Senior Partner, Ludlow Portcullis Surgery It is an honour and a privilege to write this tribute to Peter—a friend, health campaigner, loving father and husband and chair of the Ludlow Hospital League of Friends since 2006. In whatever role we knew him, from whatever vantage point, he stood apart as someone very special. Peter was the leader of the campaign for the new hospital and health village on the Eco Park that was approved in May 2012 only to be blocked in July 2013 on the grounds that it was not economically viable. He was awarded an MBE for his efforts in 2014.

Ludlow hospital building to be sold – we need a plan for Ludlow’s health estate

Ludlow Community Hospital has been under various degrees of threat over the last decade. Despite local protests, the maternity unit was closed. Births are now only supported at the main hospitals or at home. Or community hospital provides pre- and post-natal care in the more modern buildings, some of which are not used. That has left the long neglected former infirmary building empty – that’s the red brick building ahead as you enter the top car park. The building has been in poor repair for many years and needs substantial investment to make it fit for any purpose. The former infirmary building at the community hospital is now to be sold by the NHS, with half the proceeds invested in the local NHS estate. That’s fine as far as it goes but we should be cautious about reducing the size of the health estate in Ludlow until we have agreed plans for community health provision in the town.

Covid Watch 21: Resolution agreed on GPs wearing PPE at Ludlow Community Hospital

Three days ago, a row blew up about wearing Personal Protective Equipment on the wards of Ludlow Community Hospital. That row gained national and local press coverage, along with coverage on the BBC. That coverage accurately reflected the concern within our community that we thought GPs should wear PPE and that we should not be having arguments in a time of crisis. Now the whole matter has been amicably resolved and will, I hope, be quickly forgotten. Last night, Dr Catherine Beanland and Dr Chris Targett from Portcullis Surgery and ShropCom issued a statement stating that it had been agreed that GPs “working on community hospital wards should adopt additional infection control procedures given their greater exposure to patients in the community.” This is welcome and to me seems common sense.

Ludlow Community Hospital currently has two closed wards. In community discussions led by GPs, our community has agreed to call for the wards to be reopened to relieve pressure on acute services at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princes Royal Hospital. We are not suggesting these would be used for Covid-19 patients but for other patients that might otherwise increase the pressure on acute services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust’s hospitals.  

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