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Ludlow Town Council approves funding to keep our junior youth club going for another year

Shropshire Council has centralised youth support services and will in future be running a team of youth outreach workers from Shirehall. It is not supporting youth clubs which must now be independently funded from charitable groups or local councils. Last night, Ludlow Town Council stepped into the breech and agreed to fund Ludlow’s junior youth club for the next financial year. This is great news. We have always needed strong youth support in Ludlow. The pandemic and school closures have put a lot of strain on young people who have been isolated from many of their friends and unable to benefit from social engagement with peers and their teachers. The town council has always shown its support young people and it is good to know that even with its financial income having been reduced this year due to the pandemic, it is still backing the young people in our town to the hilt.

Ludlow Young Health launched with huge success – next drop-in Wednesday

Wednesday 6 February saw the inaugural session of Ludlow Young Health, a wellbeing and mental health advice drop-in service. Nearly 50 young people and their parents or carers dropped in to the Ludlow Youth Centre in the first few hours of the service. It will now run every second Wednesday from 3.30pm to 7pm at Ludlow Youth Centre. The next drop-in will be 20 February.

Shropshire Council has published its invitation to tender for youth service support (see below). Shropshire Council is determined to become a “commissioning council” and divest itself of as many operational and financial responsibilities as possible. That includes youth services throughout the county. Its initial plan was to create youth boards of young people across the county to assess local needs and commission local youth activities. But pilots and consultations made it clear that this option is deeply unpopular with young people. They just don’t want to participate in bureaucracy. The council now plans to “test new methods of local commissioning of youth activities, involving local joint committees and young people.” Local joint committees (LJCs) were seen as central to Shropshire Council’s operation when they were launched with the formation of the unitary council in 2009. In the intervening years, as Shropshire Council become centralised, LJCs have been marginalised. This year, their grants for community projects were stripped away. Now all LJCs are looking to redefine their roles in the community and in relation to Shropshire Council. It would have been helpful if the proposed trials had been discussed at the Young People’s Scrutiny committee before being launched. The decision on…

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