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Moving towards a name for the Fishmore Quarry development – I propose to back “Raglan Quarry”

Over the last few days, we have been discussing online, by email and even face to face the best name for the proposed development of nearly 80 homes in the old quarry on Fishmore Road. I have also had a discussion with the developer to clarify some points. Quarry Place will be the marketing name only so there is freedom to select a new name. We agreed the name Quarry Place is unlikely to be accepted by Shropshire Council as a permanent name because of possible confusion with Quarry Gardens off Gravel Hill. That leaves us free to choose another name for the road and that will become the name of this new estate.

Dinham Bridge has taken a lot of heavy traffic this year – it’s to be closed for inspection on 20 October

Dinham Bridge will be closed on Tuesday 20 October 2020 from 9.30am to 4pm to enable a routine inspection of the bridge, which carries the road over the River Teme at Dinham. While the road is closed, traffic will be diverted along Dinham, Lower Wood Road, Whitcliffe Road and the B4361 by a signed diversion. This inspection has been scheduled for a while but we really need it this year. The official diversion for vehicles during the King Street closure (which looks likely to end next week) was over the Whitcliffe. We need to inspect our historic bridge to ensure the historical fabric is unscathed and there are no structural issues.

Covid Watch – graphs show national, regional and local rises in cases

Yesterday evening, I published the latest data for positive Covid-19 cases in Ludlow and the county. The rising number of cases is a disturbing trend but hereabouts there is no need to panic. The increase was long expected. We don’t need to change what we do. Just do it more carefully. I thought it might be useful to publish a set of graphs that demonstrate the trends in cases for Ludlow, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, the West Midlands and England.

Covid Watch – cases rise sharply across the county and new cases here in Ludlow

The message from this afternoon’s data release from National Health England is that we must be careful here in Shropshire but there is no reason to panic. The data have been published as we expect more localised lockdowns, especially in the north of England and the central belt of Scotland. Wales already has many lockdowns. The upwards trend in cases in Shropshire started three weeks ago during Week 38. The essential data for Ludlow is that there have been 12 positive tests during that period. In the previous three weeks, there were no reported positive tests. Across Shropshire there were 343 positive tests, well up from the 35 positives in the prior three weeks. In Telford and Wrekin there were 172 positives – compared to just 29 in the three weeks before.

Work underway to repair the Buttercross but no date yet for completion and partial reopening of King Street

Ludlow Town Council last night received an update on repairs to the Buttercross. Councillors heard that repairs are underway but no date for completion is available. A lot depends on the weather and a skilled task like this will take time. Once the repairs are substantially complete, King Street can be reopened though the closure between 10am and 3pm on Fridays and Saturdays will remain in force until the experimental traffic regulation order is revoked.

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