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Brilliant result as Friends of Ludlow Museum get £250K in Budget to catalogue geological collection

It was an inspirational move by John Cherry, a former curator at the British Museum and a member of the Friends of Ludlow Museum. It led to an award for £250,000 to catalogue the precious geological collection in our Museum Resource Centre. After the major banks were discovered to be rigging inter-bank lending rates (Libor) in 2012, regulators imposed fines of more than £450 million. George Osborne decided that this money should neither remain with the regulators or the government’s coffers. It would pay for good causes.

Council debate on future of Museum Resource Centre reveals danger ahead

Last Thursday, 26 February 2015, Shropshire Council discussed the future of Ludlow Museum Resource Centre. We also discussed the issue at that evening’s Local Joint Committee. After participating in those debates, I don’t think we yet have the right model for running Ludlow Museum Resource Centre and the county museum services. We might have had the right model if Shropshire Council had engaged with communities and supporters earlier in the process. Now we are running to catch up with each other. This is not a way to run a museum service and it’s not a way to run a council.

This Thursday is “Museum Question Time” at Shropshire Council

At almost the last minute, Shropshire Council has decided to allow a public debate on the future of the Ludlow Museum Resource Centre at Thursday’s meeting of Shropshire Council. I had already put a question forward to the council meeting. You can read that and the response from the lead councillor below. The rules allow me to ask a supplementary question in the council meeting but I may not need to do so. This morning, Shropshire Council agreed that a petition from the Friends of Ludlow Museum could be heard on Thursday. Although this petition reached the required 1,000 signatures to be heard by the full council, it was submitted after the February council agenda was finalised. Normally, it would have been slated for the May meeting of council. But this is the council meeting when the budget for the next year is debated and decided. So council managers have agreed that the petition should be heard without delay.

Museums and planning to top the bill at Ludlow public meeting 26 February

Ludlow is set witness a lively debate in on 26 February when the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee (LJC) will be hosting a discussion on the future of the Ludlow Museum Resource Centre. The councillors and officers planning the changes will be at the meeting to explain current plans and the options for the future. There will also be an opportunity to discuss how planning works in Shropshire with Ian Kilby, the county’s Planning Services Manager. He’ll be explaining what the future holds for towns like Ludlow.

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