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Our town centre must thrive but it can be hard to balance the needs of commerce, events and residents

I was in Port Sunlight on the Wirral a couple of weeks ago. On its nearest high street in New Ferry, one in two shops were shuttered up. I have also been to Eccles and several other centres in a similar state of collapse. Those experiences have brought home to me how lucky we are to have a thriving town centre in Ludlow. But sometimes the needs of residents are hard to reconcile with town centre life.

Update: 11 April 2016 Post Office services say they have no knowledge of the plans to convert One Stop into a restaurant: Main article 9 April 2016 Tomorrow (Sunday), the last pints will be pulled at the Church Inn – at least for some weeks. The current management is to leave and staff have lost their jobs. Cedric from the Charlton Arms is to take direct control of the pub. At this stage, there is no news on how long the pub will be closed or what character it will assume when it reopens. With the Rose and Crown closed for major refurbishment, this leaves us with two pubs with their lights out in the town centre just as the tourist season builds up. The Mayfair breezes in town at the end of the month. I wonder how the wet trade (drinking) will cope with two pubs down and out. And we have lost at least fifty covers (eating) on the food front. As we wait for these pubs to metamorphose, there is news that the One Stop on Tower Street is expected to close permanently leaving the future of the town centre post office in doubt.

Report on the Licensing Review. Licensing Act Sub-Committee Application for an Expedited Review of a Premises Licence Blue Boar, Mill Street, Ludlow Extract of Minute 16th December 2014. RESOLVED: That the decision made by the Sub-Committee held on 26th November 2014 to remove the Designated Premises Supervisor stands; That the Premises Licence is suspended for a period of 1 month effective from receipt of the decision notice; That for a period of 2 months following the suspension of the licence the opening hours of the premises and the supply of alcohol are as follows:

“We are sorry. We shouldn’t be here. The residents shouldn’t be here. Can I apologise on behalf of Punch Taverns?” Perhaps we weren’t expecting an apology at all. We certainly weren’t expecting such an honest admission and open acknowledgement from Punch Taverns about events at the Blue Boar in Mill Street here in Ludlow. But that statement from the pubco – and a first class performance by town centre residents – meant that Tuesday’s review of the licence came to a sensible agreement on the future of this troubled pub. The Blue Boar will remain shut for a month. When it reopens, it will be under new management, perhaps run by a well-respected pub manager already in Ludlow. On reopening the pub will be on “special measures” for two months with tighter conditions in the long term (the new licence conditions: Blue Boar Ludlow Review Findings). This is aimed at “changing the culture” of the pub, “civilising it” might be a better term. After that, everyone hopes the pub will be a decent place for drinking and eating location just as it used to be. If it does not improve, the review panel made clear it is likely take a…

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