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Network Rail drop-in sessions on July A49 corridor rail and road closures next week

Network Rail will be holding a public drop-in session at the Bishop Mascall Centre, Ludlow on Tuesday 13 June, 3-7pm. Their team will also be in Onibury on Wednesday and Craven Arms on Thursday. The sessions are to brief the public on the full closure of the A49 to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists between Saturday 1 July and Sunday 9 July. The rail line will be closed all day on the weekends of 1-2 July and 8-9 July with an hourly bus replacement. This is in addition to previously planned weekend rail closures on 17-18 June and 24-25 June. That means that Ludlow’s rail line will be closed for four weekends in a row during the peak tourist season.

Peak tourist season begins – so let’s close Shropshire’s transport network down

What do you call it? A cacophony of road and rail closures? A collision? Or perhaps a conspiracy? Get ready for closure of the A5 overnight for three weeks. The A49 will be shut at Onibury 24-hours a day for ten days. Drivers will be directed via Kidderminster and Bridgnorth. The main exit from Ludlow town centre will be blocked for three days, so HGVs and coaches will be sent over Dinham Bridge and Whitcliffe. South Shrewsbury is already often gridlocked as the “hamburger” – served without fries – is installed at Meole Brace and Reabrook roundabout is resurfaced. Arriva Wales is stopping trains between Shrewsbury and Crewe for five hours just because there is a football match on. That’s on top of two weekend line closures. This is truly a “chaos” of closures.

We are all cheering after Network Rail cleared litter from railway embankments in Ludlow. The action came on 20 June, after the Ludlow Advertiser featured the problem on its front page and after councillors and residents lobbied Network Rail for its removal. I am pleased that the rail company has cleared the litter before the height of the tourist season. The rail line had become an eyesore with bottles and cans strewn above the tunnel at the rail station and along the embankment at Sheet Road. Now the litter has been cleared, I hope that Network Rail will keep the line neat and tidy. Thousands of tourists come to Ludlow by rail. It would be terrible if their first sight of the town is a dirty railway. Sheet Road before clearance Sheet Road after clearance

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