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Bird netting at Rocks Green in Ludlow ripped away – a bad move ahead of a planned protest

The green netting put in place to prevent birds nesting at Rocks Green has been pulled away. This was not an act by the developer or the landowner. It was an action by eco-protesters. But this is a stupid way of protesting. A demonstration was organised next Sunday against this scheme and in support of the growing national campaign against hedge netting. But there is no longer a backdrop to the banners. The media are now unlikely to turn out. The developer has confirmed that new netting will not be reinstalled. I don’t approve of netting except under the most strictly regulated circumstances. Those regulations don’t yet exist and I have asked Ludlow’s MP Philip Dunne to attend a debate in Parliament to insist on better controls.

Plans for 200 homes south of Rocks Green approved by planners with increase in affordable housing in first phase

Yesterday, Shropshire Council gave full planning permission for 68 homes and outline planning permission for up a further 132 dwellings east of the Ludlow A49 bypass at Rocks Green. The first phase of the scheme includes twelve affordable homes. The scheme by J Ross Developments is expected to accommodate up to 200 homes (17/05189/FUL). It will be built in three phases. The first now has full planning permission has 68 homes, four fewer than originally proposed. Twelve homes on the west of the site will be affordable (18%). This is an increase from the ten affordable homes initially proposed following the intervention of the South Planning Committee last March.  

Rocks Green homes get approved amid controversy over affordable housing and stalling on a 20mph speed limit (updated)

Update 8 April 2018 Pickstock Homes has changed the site plan to deliver 10 affordable homes (14%) in the first phase of 72 homes (17/05189/FUL). It argues that to provide 11 homes, the 15% agreed by the South Planning Committee, “would require alterations to the considered layout in respect of changing semi-detached units and altering the dwelling arrangement.” I think what it means is that it doesn’t want to create a semi-detached house with one half being affordable and one being full market. Shropshire Council’s planners have agreed to press Pickstock for the full 15% of affordable homes.

“Do not approve” – Shropshire Council highways consultants join those opposing Rocks Green housing plans

“Recommendation – do not approve.” That’s the view of the highways consultants retained by Shropshire Council to examine the traffic impacts of plans for 200 homes south of Rocks Green. They join conservationists, ecologists and Highways England have also objected to the current scheme for the site. There is little doubt that homes will be built on this site at some point. At the moment though, it is looking like the submitted plans might not get approval. The developers might have to radically revise them or withdraw the application and submit a new set of plans.

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