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Shropshire Council gives little hope that Shrewsbury bus station will be retained when Smithfield is redeveloped

Shrewsbury’s bus station and the bus layover bus are the essential for the operation of bus services in and out of Ludlow. Fears that the bus station will be demolished were raised when Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council published the latest stage of the Big Town Plan. This suggested that the bus station would be replaced by housing and people coming into Shrewsbury by bus will change to a town bus at a park and ride site. Now there are suggestions that Shropshire Council is having a rethink but it only committing to a “facility” not a bus station. If a modal shift in the way that people travel in and out of Shrewsbury town centre is to be achieved, buses should be at the centre of the Big Town Plan. Bus transport should shape development, not be squeezed into the margins.

Rural bus companies call on Shropshire Council cabinet to retain Shrewsbury Bus Station in new plans

Plans for Shrewsbury town centre are up for discussion tomorrow, 8 March at Shropshire Council’s cabinet meeting. Shropshire Council wants to sell the bus station and the bus layover car park as housing land. There is vague talk in the Big Town Plan (BTP) about another location for a bus station but no location is proposed. Rural bus companies have now written to Shropshire Council saying that current plans to end inter-urban and rural buses at the park and ride sites, with a transfer onto local buses for the journey into the town centre, is not feasible. The plan will lead to a drop in passenger numbers and some services being withdrawn. There is no doubt that the town centre down from Pride Hill to the River Severn needs regeneration but it is far from clear that the plans from Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council are the right approach or achievable. The council wants to sell the bus station site off for housing and bank the cash to help pay for other projects. Several projects planned for Shrewsbury such as the new Civic Centre on pride Hill and the North West Relief Road look underfunded, no matter what current…

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Shrewsbury’s Big Town Plan should aim to build a signature bus station and must not undermine rural bus services

For a while, our county town has been working on setting out a new future. Shopping centres have been purchased. And an ambition vision for the future of the town is currently out for consultation. Our county town needs a vision. But one that works for all the county, not just Shrewsbury. Rural bus operators I have spoken to are worried about the Big Town Plan. That plan thinks that Shrewsbury bus station, which must be one of the worst in the country, will be demolished. Rural buses will drop passengers off at the park and ride sites and passengers must wait for a bus into town. This is a policy doomed to fail. It will drive people from buses into cars, onto trains or not travelling at all. It is an anti-bus strategy. It would not even be on the agenda if Shropshire didn’t want to sell the bus station for housing. Money!

Boris Johnson accelerates drive to electric vehicles as Ludlow Town Council consults on street charging points

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson announced his ten point plan for a green industrial revolution. While not as great as he made it out to be, especially as only £4 billion of the £12 billion pledged is new money, it was nevertheless a welcome move from a government that had pushed roads to the top of its transport agenda. The prime minister’s ten point plan seeks to increase power from offshore wind; increase low carbon hydrogen power; new nuclear power; green public transport, cycling and walking; zero emission jets (really?) and green ships. The plans also seek to accelerate the shift to zero emission vehicles, including by financing the rollout of on-street charging points. Shortly before Boris Johnson’s announcement, Ludlow Town Council launched a welcome consultation on installing on-street charging points in Ludlow.

Shropshire Councillors stuck in their cars and stuck in the past refuse to #BanPavementParking

Charity Living Streets has today been promoting a national day of action against pavement parking. #BanPavementParking. Vehicles parked on the pavement are one of the blights of our modern life. Cars, HGVs, vans. All owned by drivers that feel free to block the pavement. To force pedestrians and mobility scooter users out into the traffic. Making it difficult and sometimes impossible for the pavements to be used for their main purpose. Pedestrians and people with limited mobility or sight are relegated to second class citizens. Their rights are secondary to car users, even though pavements are meant for people who are not driving. Council leaders of all parties in Shropshire have wrung their hands and said nothing much can be done. This is the true mark of a council that believes that the car drivers come first and everyone else second. Today is #BanPavementParking day. We have a long way to go. Please sign the petition. Update. The petition is now closed. More information from Living Streets.

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