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Time for normal service on trains through Ludlow to be resumed to boost economy and reduce overcrowding

Around the country, train services are returning to normal timetables. Not though on Transport for Wales, where services along the Marches line have been halved. This leading to overcrowded carriages and an increased risk of Covid-19 transmission. Notifications such as the one above at Ludlow rail station a few days ago are no use if overcrowded trains are only running hourly. If you are on your way to an essential meeting or hospital appointment you will have no choice but to get the train even if it is overcrowded. At the end of 2019, there were 26 trains from Ludlow to Shrewsbury. Now, there are just 18 trains a day at intervals of 52 minutes to 69 minutes. There are no longer through trains to North Wales and passengers must change at Shrewsbury. I am concerned that the service along the Borders will remain one train an hour, not the three trains every two hours it once was. In the week that the Rail Operators Group launched “Let’s get back on track” to encourage people to get back on board, Transport for Wales should tell us what its plans are to get its trains out of the sidings and back…

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During the Covid-19 emergency, many bus and train services will be running on reduced timetables. Trains will begin later and will run less frequently. Some bus services are running as normal in the Ludlow area. Others are on a reduced service or different timetable. This article gives a summary of what we know so far. It will be updated if circumstances change.

Welcome to KeolisAmey and Transport for Wales, the new operators of Ludlow’s train service

Transport for Wales has taken over the rail line through Ludlow, with international rail company KeolisAmey providing the service. There are promises of major investment in trains and stations, cheaper fares and better services. It could not come a moment too soon. Punctuality has been falling, trains are often overcrowded and the older rolling stock is getting unreliable. Unfortunately, last week was a pretty shaky start for KeolisAmey.

In what must be one of the most bizarre actions by an office bound railway official, Network Rail has written to residents in Steventon on the outskirts of Ludlow telling them that it needs to undertake work on parish’s railway bridge. So far, so good. But Ludford residents became suspicious when they read references to the High Street. A High Street in Steventon, a hamlet on the outskirts of Ludlow? Hardly.

Update 17 June 2018 I asked KeolisAmey for some details of the trains to run through Ludlow. Here is the response: 1)            What model of trains will you be running on the line from Cardiff through Ludlow to Shrewsbury and further north? How will these be powered? We will run brand new CAF Civity Diesel Multiple Units, built in Newport. They will feature state of the art passenger provisions, with reduced noise compared to the trains they are replacing. 2)            What is the planned date for the introduction of this model of train? These new trains will be introduced between July 2021 and May 2022, replacing existing trains and providing additional services such as direct services to Liverpool.

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