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Covid Watch 81: Job Watch Ludlow – No change in unemployment in Ludlow is good news as we deal with the second Covid-19 wave

This is a good as it gets these days. Unemployment, as measured by claimants on Jobseekers and on Universal Credit who are seeking work, in Ludlow remained static between August and September. Our town had 410 claimants for Jobseekers or work related Universal Credit. The unemployment rate in Ludlow North, which includes the town centre remains stubbornly high at 8%. This probably a result of reduced employment in our pubs, bars and hotels.

Job Watch Ludlow – Unemployment rises again in our town, especially Ludlow North

This in an unsurprising story. It is not a cheerful story. It is a story that will inevitably get worse. But it is important an important story for our community in Ludlow and for Shropshire. More people are out of work and are signing on for benefits. In Ludlow, the number of claimants – people looking for work – grew by 8% between July and August. This is nowhere near as big a jump we saw at the beginning of lockdown but it is an upward trend in a time when jobs are being destroyed, not created. Over the last year, Ludlow claimants have increased from 155 to 465 people – a 268% increase. This is higher than the Shropshire and national trends, especially in the Ludlow North ward where the annual growth was 344%.

Covid Watch 71: Job Watch Ludlow – huge leap in unemployment following lockdown – we can’t assume that jobs will reappear after the epidemic

Today saw the publication of national and local unemployment statistics. As expected, the data make grim reading. It shows people in the local job market have lost their jobs and people hoping to get into employment are struggling to get a job. The latest data for July show that 385 people in Ludlow were claiming employment related benefits. A year ago, just 165 people were claiming. That’s a huge leap for a small town like ours. In Ludlow, the claimant rate in June was 6.8%. That’s higher that the rate for Great Britain (6.3%) and nearly half as big again as the rate across Shropshire (4.6%). That’s bad news. Although the doubling of 185 claimants in May to 385 this is undoubtedly down to the Covid-19 epidemic, we must be concerned that local jobs could be lost permanently as the nation’s economy weakens.

Job Watch Ludlow – Unemployment leaps 20% in Ludlow area – it is time for a clear economic vision for our county as Brexit nears

Unemployment, as measured by claimants, is up by 21% year on year in the Ludlow area. The numbers of unemployed people are still relatively low but we have to ask why local unemployment is growing. Nationally, unemployment has fallen by nearly 2% in the same period. During the Great Recession of 2008 to 2013, unemployment soared across the country including here in Ludlow. At the peak in February 2013, 1,146 people were unemployed and claiming benefits in the Ludlow constituency.[1] From that peak, there has been a steady fall in claimants, reaching a low point of 368 in September 2015. Since then number has grown to 454 in September 2016. This is a clear trend upwards over the last year and we can’t ignore it.

Job Watch Ludlow – sharp fall in unemployed young people in Ludlow area

There has been a welcome drop in unemployment in the Ludlow area. The number of people in the Ludlow parliamentary constituency claiming Jobseekers Allowance, or not in work and claiming Universal Credit, has dropped from 432 in April to 408 in May (6% fall). Nearly all of the fall has been in youth unemployment which has dropped sharply from 105 people to 85 (19% fall).

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