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Covid Watch 154: Delta roller coaster continues in Shropshire and Telford as GPs urge younger people to get vaccinated

Rates of detected Covid-19 infections are falling rapidly in England, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin. It is not known at this stage whether this is a result of growing herd immunity and high vaccination rates. Undoubtedly both are helping. But we have seen many blips that have proven to be a mirage generated by testing capacity and timing. I hope the fall in rates is genuine and not a resulting of people people having been reluctant to get tested during the pingdemic. Although infection rates remain high it does look more encouraging. The Office for National Statistics’ infection survey for the week ending July 17 suggests one in 80 people has the virus, up from one in 100 the week before, with the Delta strain accounting for almost every case. A week ago, the seven day infection rate in Shropshire was 399 per 100,000 people. The best estimate for the infection rate for the seven days to yesterday was 230. There were 35 cases in Ludlow during the seven days to 19 July, a rate of 319, the highest it has been the town.

Covid Watch 144: Despite outbreaks it is looking good as Shropshire approaches near zero Covid

Readers of this blog know I am never one to claim we have surmounted a hurdle before we have done so. But the Covid statistics for Shropshire, including south west Shropshire and Ludlow, remain very low. It is looking good. The outbreak of Covid-19 at the Crew Cake bakery in Bala has spilled over into Oswestry where some of the workers live. Health chiefs across the region are on the task and the outbreak is not expected to spread infection. Concerns over a variant in Telford have led to a surge in testing but the overall level of new cases remains low. Vaccination rates are high with almost all those in Ludlow over 60 years having been vaccinated by 25 April.

Covid Watch 134: Good progress on vaccination in Ludlow and Shropshire for those over 65

Two good news stories this weekend. Infection rates in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and across England have fallen rapidly. There were seven cases in Ludlow in the seven days to 28 February, down for a peak of 30 cases a week a few weeks before. Vaccination rates are increasing with 95% of Ludlow residents over 65 years of age now vaccinated. Restrictions haven’t been lifted and our behaviour can’t change but we are at last looking towards the end of rules that have kept some people largely confined to their homes for a year.

Covid Watch 129: Everyone is sharing their experiences of having their first vaccination, including Tracey and Andy

We are getting there. Medics and health professionals have been working flat out after a slow start that was not their fault to get everyone in priority groups vaccinated. People are excited. Sharing their experiences on the phone and online. This article tells of two different experiences of Covid vaccination. Andy is bouncing around like an Easter Bunny after his jab. Tracey is recovering from Covid-19. She believes her symptoms have been less severe because she has had the first jab. As we have done since the start of this pandemic, we tell it as it is.

Covid Watch 127: Shuttle bus to run between Ludlow and the Racecourse vaccination centre every 15 minutes from tomorrow

The Ludlow Racecourse Vaccination Centre begins work tomorrow. Many over 70s will have already received invitations. The first shuttle bus will leave the Eco Park at 7:45am. It will call at The Compasses on Corve Street at 7:50am. The bus will arrive at the Racecourse at 7:57am. The return journey to the Eco Park via Corve Street leaves three minutes later. This free shuttle will continue every 15 minutes both ways throughout the day with the last bus from the Racecourse departing at 20:14. The 701 service will run hourly from Ludlow Assembly Rooms and will visit areas of the town normally served by the 722.

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