Day: 13 July 2016

As Ludlow rises in protest, Shropshire Council leader backs down on September services transfer deadline

Last night, more than one hundred people met at Ludlow Brewery for the launch of the People’s Alliance for Ludlow (PAL). The mood of the meeting was angry and constructive in turns. The anger was directed at Shropshire Council for the way it is managing cuts and forcing town and parish councils to take over services. The Clinical Commissioning Groups also came under fire for the chaos of Future Fit and the threats to local health services. This morning, council leader Malcolm Pate took to the airwaves of BBC Radio Shropshire to announce that he is backing down on the September deadline to get agreement to transfer services like leisure centres, youth services and libraries to town and parish councils. The councils will get an extra year to come to agreement with Shropshire Council after Pate admitted that the parishes were right when they said the deadline was impossible to meet.

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