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Storm Dennis: Criticism of councillors and town council as it discussed the flood on Monday

Most members of Ludlow Town Council attended the extraordinary meeting of Ludlow Town Council on Monday evening. Viv Parry was very critical of other councillors for not turning out to help on Sunday 16 February. Glen Ginger took a different view and said only trained people should help in an emergency. But councillors overall though the town council could do more, including completing its emergency plan, work on which seems to have stalled. There was agreement that there could be improvements to flood defences on Temeside. I told the meeting we need to do work on the Lower Corve also.

New flood warning for Teme Saturday into Sunday – Shropshire Council is delivering sandbags

During Storm Dennis last weekend, there were no sandbags to be found in Ludlow. It was impossible for residents and businesses to get to the Craven Arms depot to pick sandbags because the A49 was closed due to flooding. We have yet another flood warning in place for the Teme for tonight into tomorrow (Sunday). Shropshire Council is delivering pallets of sandbags to Lower Corve Street and Temeside. It has changed its sandbag takeaway policy from drive thru to delivery at home. That is very welcome. The ground is saturated. A lot of soil on farmland has been washed away. That could mean that was is predicted to be an ordinary winter storm might have more impact on water levels than we might expect.

Storm Dennis – council chief executive’s update on the impact on Shropshire

Clive Wright, chief executive of Shropshire Council, has emailed council members and the county’s MPs to describe the impact of Storm Dennis on the unitary area. I thought it would be useful to publish this more widely as a factual account of the explosive cyclogenesis that hit our county and many other areas. The current estimate is that 95 homes have been flooded across the county and at least 28 businesses. The count for Ludlow is 37 homes and three businesses.

Storm Dennis – Ludlow Town Council calls an extraordinary meeting on Monday 6.30pm

Ludlow Town Council has called an extraordinary meeting on Monday evening to discuss Storm Dennis and funding for youth services. It begins at 6.30pm in the Guildhall. As always, there will be 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for members of the public to speak. Those speaking will be allowed a maximum of three minutes. Members of the public cannot speak during the meeting. The agenda is here.

Storm Dennis – call from Shropshire Council for residents and businesses to register for flood relief funding

Yesterday, I wrote about government funding for flood hit properties. Shropshire Council is now asking people to call if they have been affected. I would advise any household or business to call the council to register their needs. I don’t know anything about how the funding will be awarded, other than the details I published yesterday. Shropshire Council officers have been working absolutely flat out. We will need to wait a few days for the details. I would, however, advise those affected to register by ringing Shropshire Council. 0345 678 9006. I hope there will more online information in the next few days. Let me know how you get on if you are applying.

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