New flood warning for Teme Saturday into Sunday – Shropshire Council is delivering sandbags

During Storm Dennis last weekend, there were no sandbags to be found in Ludlow. It was impossible for residents and businesses to get to the Craven Arms depot to pick sandbags because the A49 was closed due to flooding. We have yet another flood warning in place for the Teme for tonight into tomorrow (Sunday).

Shropshire Council is delivering pallets of sandbags to Lower Corve Street and Temeside. It has changed its sandbag takeaway policy from drive thru to delivery at home. That is very welcome.

The ground is saturated. A lot of soil on farmland has been washed away. That could mean that was is predicted to be an ordinary winter storm might have more impact on water levels than we might expect.

The Teme on 16 February

From Shropshire Council’s Emergency Planning Unit

A Flood Alert is in force for the Upper Teme.

Flooding is possible for: River Teme, River Onny and River Corve and their tributaries upstream of Ludlow.  

River levels are currently rising slowly at the Leintwardine river gauge following recent rainfall.  Levels at the Onibury river gauge currently remain steady.

Further rainfall is forecast over the weekend, which may cause a renewed rise at the Leintwardine gauge from today (Saturday 22/02/20), and the Onibury gauge tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 23/02/20) to above flood alert thresholds.

Flooding may affect low lying land and roads adjacent the River Teme, River Onny and River Corve and their tributaries.  Locations that may be affected include Bishops Castle, Church Stretton, Knighton and Ludlow.

We are continuing to closely monitor the situation.  We expect river levels to remain high over the weekend and into next week.   Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses.