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Former Budgens store in Ludlow is now an eyesore

The former Budgens Store on Upper Galdeford has been for sale for several months. In the last couple of days, it has been boarded up with OSB sheets. The contractors tell me there are no plans to paint the boarding. It is an utter eyesore and makes this part for the town centre look like a rundown inner city district. The boarding is also an open invitation to fly-posting and graffiti. If it is to remain boarded up, it should be painted as a giant mural.

Our town centre must thrive but it can be hard to balance the needs of commerce, events and residents

I was in Port Sunlight on the Wirral a couple of weeks ago. On its nearest high street in New Ferry, one in two shops were shuttered up. I have also been to Eccles and several other centres in a similar state of collapse. Those experiences have brought home to me how lucky we are to have a thriving town centre in Ludlow. But sometimes the needs of residents are hard to reconcile with town centre life.

Last July, Marstons submitted a planning application to spruce up the outside of the Wheatsheaf on Lower Broad Street. At the time, I said the plans “do not suit historic Ludlow and will damage the historic character of Lower Broad Street.” New plans have now been submitted. They remove a large sign one the west wall by the Broadgate. Plans to replace the pub name panel on the front of the pub have also been dropped. These plans are a great improvement and I think they are now fit for approval (17/03335/ADV).

Historic England puts its boot in to plans for a garage on the Linney below the Castle

Developments at the top of the Linney are in the shadow of Ludlow Castle, St Lawrence’s church and the town walls. This historic context means that any application, no matter how small, needs great scrutiny. The planning application to build a garage for Drawbridge House has come under scrutiny from national heritage watchdog, Historic England. It has objected to the planning application saying does not conform to national planning rules and legislation.

Welcome improvements planned for former HSBC bank building on the Bullring

Applications have been submitted to replace the ugly length of frontage at 10 Bullring with a traditional shop front. The intention is that the former bank will become a shop. There is no information on whether a retailer has been secured for the building and it is still advertised for let. These plans look good to me. They will remove an eyesore from one of our historic streets.

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