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Zero waste centre plan for Ludlow bites the dust as Shropshire Council sells site (updated)

Update Shropshire Council is currently completing sale of the site to Flowfit, a local business which supplies hydraulic components and hydraulic systems. Main article Perhaps it was inevitable. Certainly there was hope for a while. But yesterday we heard that plans for an environmental enterprise and education zone on Coder Road won’t go ahead because Shropshire Council has sold the site. This is not the end to Cwm Harry’s involvement in Ludlow or Coder Road. But once again, Shropshire Council has gone for the cash. Adam Kennerley of environment charity Cwm Harry has been coordinating plans for a Zero Waste Enterprise and Education Zone on the former highways depot site for several months. He gained the backing of Ludlow’s MP Philip Dunne, as well as us four unitary councillors for Ludlow and Clee and host of environmentalists.

There is exciting news just in about Coder Road from Adam Kennerley of environment charity Cwm Harry. Adam has been coordinating plans for a Zero Waste Enterprise and Education Zone on the former highways depot site. Alongside the former biodigester and former recycling centre, both of which are currently managed by Cwm Harry, this will create an environmental centre of excellence. The bid to create an enterprise and education zone follows a meeting in August, attended by around twenty interested parties. Following that meeting, Cwm Harry has: Worked with the social enterprise community to develop the ideas. Approached a number of potential financiers. Talked with Herefordshire and Ludlow College, which is keen to help develop a work experience / apprenticeship function at the site. Held meetings to establish the potential for an Anaerobic Digester training centre.

Ahead of the national youth parliament in the House of Commons on 14 November, Shropshire MYP Laura Sheldon writes a guest post on the issues of most concern to young people in Ludlow and Shropshire. After being elected as a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) in February 2013, it has become very clear to me how important it is for young people to have their say on issues that affect them, locally, regionally and nationally, and it is my job to provide a platform for those opinions to be heard.

Unemployment levels have more than halved in the last 18 months across the Ludlow constituency. That’s very good news. Youth unemployment is falling too. And we have much lower unemployment than many areas around us and the UK as a whole. What we need to concentrate on now is the quality of jobs. Let’s do a few numbers and a few caveats. Across Ludlow parliamentary constituency, today’s statistics show that the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance is down to 519 people. That is still a lot of people, but it’s just 1.3% of the working population. Nationally, 2.9% of the working population are on Jobseekers.

Unemployment in the Ludlow constituency is up by ten people, probably due to students who have completed their college and university courses signing on while they seek jobs. The real level of unemployment is higher than official statistics show – perhaps around 3%, 1,100 people. This is still a relatively good result but there is no room for complacency. This July, there were just 563 Jobseekers claimants in the Ludlow constituency [1]. This is up ten claimants on the previous month. This is probably due to former students signing on as youth unemployment has risen by ten claimants to 135. The overall trend, therefore, is probably still downwards. Alternatively, unemployment could have flattened out. We’ll only know that in a couple of months.

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