Shropshire Council is currently completing sale of the site to Flowfit, a local business which supplies hydraulic components and hydraulic systems.

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Perhaps it was inevitable. Certainly there was hope for a while. But yesterday we heard that plans for an environmental enterprise and education zone on Coder Road won’t go ahead because Shropshire Council has sold the site. This is not the end to Cwm Harry’s involvement in Ludlow or Coder Road. But once again, Shropshire Council has gone for the cash.

Adam Kennerley of environment charity Cwm Harry has been coordinating plans for a Zero Waste Enterprise and Education Zone on the former highways depot site for several months. He gained the backing of Ludlow’s MP Philip Dunne, as well as us four unitary councillors for Ludlow and Clee and host of environmentalists.


Alas! News came yesterday that Shropshire Council had plumped for the highest bidder for the site, scuppering the Cwm Harry bid and sinking hopes for the zero waste centre of excellence.

Cwm Harry planned to create a centre of excellence in zero waste. Coder Road would have supported and trained a new generation of green entrepreneurs who would have gone on to set up new businesses, creating even more green jobs.

Shropshire Council doesn’t seem to grasp this multiplier effect. It is only concerned with its immediate cash flow. It doesn’t understand Ludlow or the rural economy.


Cwm Harry has a very clear vision for creating green jobs. It is still planning a centre of excellence in anaerobic digestion at the former digester on Coder Road. I wish it well. If we want our local economy to be resilient and to thrive, Ludlow needs to invest in green jobs and a green future.

2 thought on “Zero waste centre plan for Ludlow bites the dust as Shropshire Council sells site (updated)”
  1. Why oh Why are we not supprised yet again Ludlow and the south of the county stump up higher rates of council taxes because we are insular all proceeds seem to head north toward our county town and it seems this present county council are building a bastion in craven arms , Looking back in years we always had good services in Ludlow but alas its not going south its heading North.Its time that The county council or shropshire council recognise we pay our taxes so we deserve better than what we are being handed out its a disgrace

  2. Shropshire council has to destroy every possible publicly owned facility otherwise it just might be possible for a future council to rebuild our civic society and that could cost Mr. Barrow whatever gong it is that he is hoping for.

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