We are quite well served for broadband here in Ludlow, but once you step out of town the service rapidly becomes poor to non-existent.

Shropshire Council is working with BT to rolling out faster broadband across much of the county. The original deployment map is here, and in the image below I have coloured the areas that will get a poor service in red for clarity. It’s a lot of areas.

The South-west Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband is making the case that there is too much emphasis on super-fast speeds in urban centres at the expense of getting decent speeds in the most rural areas. The red areas are due to get just 2mbs connections on current plans. That might have been a good service five years ago, but it is totally inadequate for modern business and social needs. Rural areas will also need to rely on broadband more as rural services decline.

So please sign the Better Broadband petition. It closes on Tuesday 9 October and the more signatures the petition gets, the more impact the campaign will have.

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Click for larger image

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