It’s been overhanging Broad Street for as long as many people can remember. But now the De Grey’s shop sign looks set to go.

De Grey's

Ludlow’s much loved, but sadly closed, café has been taken over by Wildwood. I asked what would happen to the elegant sign that hangs over Broad Street. The agents for the food company replied:

“Wildwood want to keep the hanging sign and may well keep it inside as a memento of the building’s former use as well-known tea rooms. Obviously it would want its own brand name on any replacement signage.”

There will be quite a bit of opposition to removal of this sign, from me included. The De Grey’s sign is part of Broad Street’s heritage. Wildwood should keep the sign and advertise their business in the shop windows and doorway.

I’ve asked the agents to contact Ludlow’s conservation committee for advice.

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