Update 14 November 2015

Planning permission has now been given to convert the former engine shed into two apartments (14/03102/FUL). The applicant had initially applied for three apartments. Planning officers comment: “This [reduction] has enabled the internal layout, particularly on the ground floor to be kept to larger rooms to create a more open feel, which would have been a characteristic of the engine shed. Further it enables the main living area to fully benefit from the large glazed openings in the front elevation, improving the internal living conditions of the rooms.” The engine shed is not a listed building but due to the “relatively unique character of the building” officers have removed permitted development rights, which would otherwise allow future owners to change the roofline or add extensions without planning permission.

Update 8 July 2015

Outline planning permission has now been given for 20 houses and six apartments on the Shropshire Building Supplies site (14/03091/OUT). I am in favour of this development but disappointed that it does not include a mini-roundabout to slow traffic and increase safety at the site’s entrance onto New Road. Planners say there is no room for a roundabout but I rather feel one could have been squeezed in.

There is also a small railway worker’s hut in the far corner of site. This is not a listed building but it is a small piece of our heritage. I hope it can be preserved and adopted by the future residents of the site.

Main article 15 July 2014

It looks like Shropshire Building Supplies at the bottom of New Road will be redeveloped for 29 homes.

Two planning applications are due, and the first has been posted on the Shropshire Council website (14/03091/OUT).

The Engine Shed will be retained and converted into three apartments with large glazed windows. Twenty-six houses will be built on the remainder of the site.

Shropshire_Building_Supplies_planClick for larger image

My first reaction to these proposals is that it’s quite a good site for housing and the development will allow Shropshire Building Supplies to move to a more suitable site. I think the applicant’s wish to “retain the industrial nature of the site in this redevelopment” is the right approach. This site will also provide smaller homes, which we need much more than ‘executive homes.’

I need to look at the plans for the Engine Shed in more detail, but I think the broad principle of converting it for housing is a good one.

Traffic plans for this site will need to looked at in detail. If traffic numbers are predicted to be higher than at present, it could pose a danger on an already awkward access to New Road. The houses New Road end of the site may overlook St Mary’s Mews, in which case they should not have windows in the gable ends.

Unfortunately, this development won’t remove that ugly billboard by the railway at the bottom of New Road. How on earth did that get planning permission?

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