The poll is closed and just over 400 people voted (403 votes). I am not claiming that this poll is statistically representative of the town but it does give some interesting results. And there is a very clear local preference of which retailer should move in to the supermarket, should it be built. I also report on a clue in the planning application that the anticipated retailer will be towards the discount end of the market.

Nearly one third of those that responded said they did not want a new supermarket at all (31%). This is rather less than the 48% who told Community Connect in the summer they would not welcome the competition a new supermarket would bring.[1]


So which retailer would those supporting a new supermarket prefer? The answer is very clear. Asda wins with a very big majority, with 63% of the pro-supermarket votes. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are way behind with just 12% of votes each. The other retail chains get only a few votes.


The promoters of the supermarket development have not yet said which retail chain might occupy the store if it is built, but it has given a clue.

Indigo Planning suggests the new store will reduce Tesco’s trade by 28% in 2019. Aldi’s trade will take bigger 35% hit.[2] Given that these stores are in the same location, are around the same size and have similar numbers of car park parking spaces, the difference in trade impact suggests the incoming retailer will be towards the discount end of the trade.


[1]. At the exhibition in July, Community Connect asked: Do you support the increase in shoppers’ choice and competition a new supermarket will bring? 150 people said no, 146 yes and 16 gave no answer. Source: Statement of Community Engagement. Ludlow MP Philip Dunne asked more than thousand residents whether a large superstore would adversely affect traders in town: 59% of respondents said it would, compared to 31% who believed it would have no effect. However, as far as I am aware, he did not ask whether people wanted a new out of town supermarket or not.

[2]. Planning and Retail Statement.

4 thought on “Asda is top preference for a new supermarket at Ludlow Rocks Green”
  1. Of all things – a supermarket! When we have so many here already.

    Now if it had been a John Lewis or an M & S that would have brought shoppers here from all directions. We wouldn’t have needed to travel the distances that we do when we need those stores, and so often nowhere else will do.

  2. Also, Asda is the most awful of all UK supermarkets. Nothing there but loud music, cheap but poor quality food, and tatty clothes. I honestly believe that if you offered the people of Ludlow £10,000 each to knock down the entire town centre and build a Primark they’d take it!

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