An extraordinary and rather interesting proposal has been put forward for a house on one of the few remaining sites on the Linney. This site overlooks the tennis courts and is so steeply sloping, at first glance it seems impractical to develop.

The solution the developers have come with for this awkward site is to bury most of the two storey house into the bank, with just an oval peering out towards the tennis courts (15/00459/FUL).





The property will have below ground parking accessed using a car lift .

The applicant is Andrew Badlan who lives next door in Castle Meadow.

My provisional view on this proposal is that it looks good and is an innovative and exciting way of dealing with a difficult site. But we must look in detail at the heritage impact of the scheme before making a decision.

2 thought on “Low impact earth sheltered dwelling planned for the Linney, Ludlow”
  1. I agree with you Andy, this is a great low impact solution to a difficult and also sensitive site. It also appears to have high ecological credentials. Perhaps Shropshire Planning department might consider such issues when looking at all planning schemes placed before them…for example, the proposed new supermarket….electric recharging points as well as petrol pumps,a car park surface that is permeable, a low profile roof with grass and sedum cover?

  2. I live on the Linney and I am delighted with this plan. The area it is proposed to go on is particularly messy due to rubbish dumping by residents and visitors and it can be very unsightly considering the surroundings. This dwelling is perfect solution offering I think an exceptional living space. Fantastic and hope it goes ahead.

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