Developers who have submitted outline plans for 137 homes off Foldgate Lane, Ludlow have got the green light from Highways England for a proposed T-junction on the A49. This is a move that significantly increases the changes of this development eventually getting planning permission – especially as Shropshire Council is seeking amendments to its local plan (SAMDev) that will encourage speculative developments on green fields.

Last January, the Highways Agency – which is now Highways England – issued a holding direction preventing Shropshire Council from giving this site planning permission until the developer provided more information about planned access to the A49. It seems that the developer has now provided adequate information to satisfy Highways England which says:

Highways England has reviewed the information and is satisfied that sufficient information has been presented to allow the planning application determination process to proceed without objection to Highways England.

I understand from Turley Associates that the access to the A49 is still planned to be via a T-junction not a roundabout.

Now that Highways England has given its view, council officers will comment and a committee report drawn up. I presume this proposal will go to the South Planning Committee and that could now be in the autumn.

There are currently 105 objections to the proposal and one comment supporting the scheme.

Foldgate site location with t-junction

One thought on “Developer wanting to build more than 100 homes off Foldgate Lane passes highways test”
  1. The idea of having a T junction will cause issues, mark my words. It is on the cusp of where one speeds up having just left the Coop roundabout.
    One assumes that they will have to issue a reduction in the speed limit to prevent collisions on what will be a almost blind curve heading north towards the T junction.

    Not one of the best planning ideas methinketh…

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