Historic England has lodged a formal objection to plans for a partially underground house near the Castle on the Linney (15/00459/FUL).. Bill Klemperer, Principal Inspector of Ancient Monuments for the body has told Shropshire Council:

The proposal is modern and innovative in design and would involve considerable bulk earth moving during construction, followed by landscaping. We do not agree, therefore, that in overall terms the house would fit with the established character of the area.

The development proposal does not conserve heritage assets in a manner appropriate to their significance and as this is a core planning principle of the National Planning Policy Framework the proposal does not constitute sustainable development. We recommend that the development is refused.

I agree with this recommendation.

I was initially intrigued by the earth house proposal. It seemed to be an interesting solution to a difficult site. But I have since studied the plans in detail and believe that will require considerable modification of the existing slope from the Linney (it is more a buried house than an underground house). This, and paraphernalia such as lighting and windows, will be intrusive in the context of the castle.

This is a nice idea in the wrong place.


One thought on “Ludlow ‘Hobbit house’ recommended for rejection by heritage experts”
  1. I agree that the amount of earth moving and landscaping could be a concern on this site. But do the planners not apply any aesthetic criteria when judging an application? There are several nearby structures that should have been rejected at the planning stage (adjoining property included).

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