Day: 8 March 2016

Shropshire Council’s initial statements that Ludford Bridge will be closed for three to four weeks have proved to be over optimistic. The bridge has already been closed for more than a fortnight. It be another six or seven weeks before it reopens. All work on the bridge requires the consent of Historic England, the nation’s heritage guardian. An application for scheduled monument consent was made on 2 March. Historic England says it will process the application as quickly as it is able to. It is important that any stone used is a good match to that originally used for the bridge. Some will be recovered from the river but additional stone will need to be sourced from quarries. Stone samples have been obtained from Bridgnorth Green and Myddle Quarries in Baschurch, which are owned by Shropshire Stone. A decision on the stone source should be made this Thursday. That choice will need to be approved by Historic England.

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