Day: 3 May 2016

A year or so before I moved to Shropshire, I drove from Oxfordshire to visit the biodigester on Coder Road. The plant was a work of wonder, new technology that turned food and farm waste into compost, generating gas and electricity in the process. The biodigester has since been shut down but anaerobic digestion has remained a significant green industry around Ludlow. The last I heard, the biodigester industry employed nearly 150 people in the Ludlow area. It is not surprise therefore to learn that by March last year, Shropshire topped the league table of local authority areas with capacity to generate electricity from anaerobic digestion. It was also ranked third for producing heat from biomass. For all forms of renewable energy, Shropshire was ranked ninth out of the 348 local authorities in England and Wales.[1] That’s not a bad track record.

I wasn’t expecting this. Yesterday, I made clear my opposition to the current plans to redevelop the former council office site at Stone House on Corve Street. This morning I has a call from Purcell, the developer. It turns out they have been working on a new scheme for the last few weeks. The previous proposals have been scrapped. The latest plan is to build 40 retirement apartments in a block that has the same footprint as the former council offices. I haven’t seen any details yet, but I am hopeful that the new scheme will address the concerns of residents on Station Drive and the objections from Historic England. A public presentation of the revised plans will be made at a town council meeting tomorrow evening.

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