Day: 12 May 2016

At a meeting last night, Ludlow Town Council decided to ask Shropshire Council for extra time to negotiate the transfer of services from Shirehall to community control. The town council wants two years to negotiate with the unitary council and to build the local capacity to take on services. It wants to work with other councils around the county to create a strong negotiating position and share experiences. Many councillors were concerned about how to distribute costs across the parishes that use Ludlow services. They felt Ludlow residents should not have to pay the entire bill. I was proud of the town council last night for the quality of debate and the incisiveness of the arguments. It was a council that recognised that if it had to take on services, it must get the arrangements and finances right. That can’t be done in just a few months. We unitary councillors are fully behind the council’s strategy of seeking more time to examine the implications of service transfer and to ensure than any services transferred can be run effectively and efficiently.

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