Day: 24 June 2016

The result is clear in Shropshire. On a 77% turnout, 57% of the voters in this county said we should leave. That bigger than the UK trend, where leave has 52% with some areas still to declare as I publish this at 5.35am. I don’t like the result. But it’s a democratic result and a result for democracy. People voted yesterday who had not voted before or very rarely voted. That’s a significant win. The worst thing that can happen now is that we hurt ourselves. George Osborne promised an emergency austerity budget if we voted out. If that comes true, we will damage our economy and support for vulnerable people in our country. I also fear with Scotland voting in, and England and Wales voting out, we are now a deeply divided country. I worry too that younger people voted in but older people voted out. It’s the young people that will have to live with this decision.

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