Day: 19 October 2016

Job Watch Ludlow – Unemployment leaps 20% in Ludlow area – it is time for a clear economic vision for our county as Brexit nears

Unemployment, as measured by claimants, is up by 21% year on year in the Ludlow area. The numbers of unemployed people are still relatively low but we have to ask why local unemployment is growing. Nationally, unemployment has fallen by nearly 2% in the same period. During the Great Recession of 2008 to 2013, unemployment soared across the country including here in Ludlow. At the peak in February 2013, 1,146 people were unemployed and claiming benefits in the Ludlow constituency.[1] From that peak, there has been a steady fall in claimants, reaching a low point of 368 in September 2015. Since then number has grown to 454 in September 2016. This is a clear trend upwards over the last year and we can’t ignore it.

Our letter to health executives on sudden closure of Ludlow maternity ward

Yesterday, we wrote to Simon Wright, chief executive of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH), and Jan Ditheridge, chief executive of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust (ShropCom). We are concerned that a lack of joined up working prevented switching midwifery-led maternity services from one part of Ludlow hospital to another. We are not expecting maternity services to reopen in the old building. It is not fit for purpose and the repair bill will be huge. But there is plenty of space in the modern hospital building. Our letter asks why maternity services were not moved to the empty Stretton Ward.

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