Month: November 2016

The Safer Ludlow partnership is a joint initiative between West Mercia Police, Ludlow councillors, and Ludlow and Shropshire Councils. Safer Ludlow will be holding a public drop in session at Ludlow Hospital on 16 November. Councillors and police officers will be present from 12 noon in the Clee Ward room. The Safer Ludlow initiative aims to tackle low-level crime in and around Ludlow. We hope it will help people feel safer in their homes and when they are out and about in the town. People can drop by and talk about any matters that concern them. Then we’ll try and do our best to get any problems resolved.

Why a planning inspector approved housing at Foldgate Lane – and why he was wrong to do so

This is a detailed examination of the inspector’s decision. I can’t pretend that it is exhaustive but I hope it shows why this decision is one of the worst I have seen for a long while. Last Thursday, an inspector from the Bristol-based planning inspectorate, approved plans for 137 homes on Foldgate Lane. This article examines in detail Cullum Parker’s appeal decision. I have read a lot of planning appeal decisions over the years and this one perplexes me more than many others. I don’t think it makes sense, even under the planning regime we have been working under since 2012.[1] Planning rules say decisions must be made in accordance with the local development plan, in our case the core strategy and SAMDev. Only if there are strong reasons, material considerations in planning jargon, can the plan be overruled. But Mr Parker barely acknowledged our local plan. He didn’t even mention the policy for Ludlow. That’s why his decision is flawed.

Today the planning inspectorate announced that it has given approval to controversial plans to build 137 houses off Foldgate Lane. I am knocked breathless by this decision. The inspector has shown total disregard for our local plans. He says that we are building enough housing and have allocated enough sites for development. Yet he thinks that we need another 137 houses stuck on the edge of Ludlow. This is dangerous decision.

Ludlow Maternity Unit reopens Speaking to BBC Radio Shropshire this morning, Jill Banks, Women and Children’s Care Group director for Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust, announced the maternity unit was fully reopened from today. She said that the health trust can’t continue to use the workhouse because of its poor condition. The new space in the main building, Stretton Ward, is “absolutely beautiful”.

Bid to remove Fishmore View footbridge from Bromfield Meadow housing plans

Tesni, the company that is planning to build 215 houses between Bromfield Road and the A49, has applied to remove the controversial foot and cycle bridge across the Corve to Fishmore View. This action follows my requests on behalf of Fishmore View residents. They are concerned that their quiet cul de sac will become clogged with parked cars and become a through route if the bridge is built. We have until the end of the month to comment on the application, which I hope will be approved.

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