Ludlow and the surrounding villages have an elderly population with a significant prevalence of dementia. Our countryside and heritage, and restaurants and pubs also attract a high proportion of older visitors. With age, regrettably, comes a higher prevalence of dementia.

On Tuesday, 7 March, we will be hosting a public meeting to look at working towards Ludlow becoming a dementia friendly community. The meeting will be at 5.30pm in the Women’s Centre off Church Street, by the Rose and Crown.

Our community in Ludlow is older than average. Here, 28% of residents are aged 65 or over, compared to 23% in Shropshire and 18% in England.

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Projections by the Office of National Statistics suggest that one-third of Shropshire residents will be aged 65 or over by 2039. In some areas of Ludlow, more than a third of the population is already of this age. If current trends continue, 40% of Ludlow will be elderly by 2039.[1]

An analysis released by the House of Commons Library in October 2016, shows that the Ludlow parliamentary constituency has the seventh highest level of dementia among the 533 English constituencies.

Source: House of Commons Library

In becoming a dementia friendly community, our aim would be to encourage key businesses and services in Ludlow, along with cultural and transport facilities are aware of the needs of people with dementia. Working with GPs and council officers, we would also ensure that dementia suffers and their carers have access to adequate information and support.

A lot of work is already underway to support people with dementia in Ludlow. This project will acknowledge and help publicise that work, as well as expanding support for dementia sufferers and older people.

Vivienne Parry will be leading the public meeting. She told the Ludlow Advertiser:

“Dementia is a terrible condition for those that suffer but also for the family, friends and carers of those that are affected by the disease. I want us to be known as a town that cares for people with dementia and the lonely.”

The meeting will be at the Ludlow Women’s Centre on Tuesday, March 7 at 5.30pm. Everyone is welcome. We hope you can attend to share experiences, suggest ideas and help Ludlow become a dementia friendly community.


[1]. Data for Ludlow North, South and East wards.

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