I’m not one for celebrating birthdays. My own would pass me by if it did not pop up on Facebook. But I think it worth recording that my emailed Ludlow Newsletters today are three years old. My best estimate is that they are read by around 1,000 people.

That’s okay for a small town newsletter written by a small town councillor.

It was always my aim to tell people what was happening. The way that councils operate too often is obscure, hidden behind closed doors or in committees that people can’t attend.

This blog has been going for more than five years. It took a while to get an audience – my first blog post was read just 20 times. Page views are now approaching 100,000 a year.

Debate has been lively. I enjoy the correspondence I get from both the newsletter and the blog. It has helped shape my opinions. But I won’t pretend that I have agreed with everyone.

Some newsletter and blogs have been painful to write. Covering homelessness for example, a matter of which I have personal experience. Some have got me into trouble. I got my wrists slapped when I revealed that Shropshire Council was planning to ban the public speaking at council meetings. But at least the council abandoned the proposal.

I think it is my duty to tell it as I see it. That may not always be comfortable for managers and some councillors at Shirehall. I was elected to represent Ludlow not Shropshire Council.

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5 thought on “Celebrating three years of Ludlow Newsletters”
  1. I would like to Propose a thankyou from all of your readers.

    You provide an amazing service which is a brilliant example to all.

  2. HI Andy.

    Well done!

    I wish more of our politicians, local and national, had your level of dedication.


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