Nine homes are currently being built just off Bromfield Road at the top of Felton Close. Now the developer wants to add two more houses (17/01540/FUL). Although we need more houses of this type, the proposal removes an open space and makes the overall development rather cramped.

The original 2004 proposal for this site, a former builders yard, was for seven homes. That permission was renewed at the beginning of 2009.

2004/2009 proposals

In 2016, the number of homes was increased to nine by removing a passage and building closer to the northern boundary of the site.

2016 proposals

The 2016 application included an open space off the driveway to the houses. This replaced an open space adjacent to The Croft. Now the developer wants to build an additional two houses on that open space.

2017 proposals

I think this latest proposal is crowding the site too much. The open area would have been a useful space for children to play (though it was not designated a play area in the 2016 application). Felton Close and this entire area of town lacks safe play areas for children.

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