Sandwiched between Walls the butchers and the kebab shop, the former Forest Dog Rescue charity shop at 13 High Street looks forlorn and neglected. Now the 18th century building is about to get a makeover and open as a three room Victorian style pub.

This is another project from Son of Saxon – Jon Saxon’s operation that has brought us The Dog Hangs Well at 14 Corve Street and the Ludlow Ledger.

In his application, Jon Saxon says he aims to create a Victorian pub in the style that would once have dominated provincial towns like Ludlow (17/03384/COU).

Jon says our town would have had a great number of public houses that made simple use of partial partitions and bench-backs as dividing wooden walls. He cites as an example 7 Market Street which traded as a pub from 1792. It was once The Grapes Tavern and had a bar, parlour, smoke room and kitchen. It now trades as Waltons bakery. Jon also notes: “The Church Inn once benefited from a similar layout with bar, smoke room, and two parlours.”

Three rooms will be created on the ground floor of 13 High Street, divided by floor-to-ceiling pitch pine matchboard and bench backs. The entrance from High Street will lead to a public bar and a small parlour to the right. The back door on Market Street will lead to a third parlour.

Customers in the the public bar and front parlour will have counter service. The back parlour will be served through a hatch. No lager, cider or spirits will be sold.

Jon Saxon says: “The standard of workmanship will equal my development of 14 Corve Street, which received a Heritage Award from Ludlow’s Conservation Advisory Committee.”

Up above the bar and parlours, the first floor will have toilets and a meeting room. The second and third floors will have a kitchen and residential accommodation.

The application, if approved, would allow the pub to open from midday to ten at night, seven days a week. It will create three jobs, one full time and two part time. The project will also need an alcohol licence and listed building consent.

According to Shropshire Council’s buildings register, 13 High Street is known as The Blood Bay. Does anyone know why?

Ground floor

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

10 thought on “Son of Saxon to open ‘Victorian pub’ in Ludlow’s High Street”
  1. Have exemptions been provided as part of planning process to not have accessible disabled facilities? Will the planning illustrated in your article be declined until exemptions are discussed? Whilst i acknowledge disabled facilities in such buildings are difficult -doesn’t there come a point when the planners have draw a line and say wrong business for the property – too many of our business are excluding people – or do we just put out a sign – “We’re a grade 1 /11 listed town ludlow is therefore unable to accept disabled people as shoppers, tourists, employees or visitors”?

  2. Another chance lost to open a shop that would actually sell useful things. Heigh ho, back online.

  3. I hope planning will include a condition that a cigarette butt disposal unit is provided outside, which is not the case at The Dog Hangs Well resulting in fly tipping of cigarette ends in the gutter outside.

    1. A very valid point. There is no smoking permitted outside the front of The Dog Hangs Well. Sadly, however; no matter how strongly the matter is voiced (along with signage stating the case) it has become a problem that annoys and frustrates me way more than anyone else. Being a one-man operation I have found it difficult to leave the property throughout service to enforce, and have thus far trusted my customers: this is now changing after catching someone in the act this weekend gone. Service will now be held up by regular outdoor monitoring. Anyone caught smoking and/or disposing of cigarettes in such a manner outside The Dog Hangs Well and its fellow neighbours will be dealt with accordingly. Thus there will be a no smoking policy enforced in High Street.

      1. Sorry Jon, however well intentioned your no smoking ban, it won’t and doesn’t work, is it not just simpler to provide a bucket with some sand in during opening hours thus negating the litter problem.

      2. My licence does not permit smoking outside the property at 14 Corve Street: helping to limit people congregating to smoke outside fellow neighbours homes and, of course, fellow shopkeepers. In my opinion: the first thing you see, on walking into any establishment, being a bucket or a flowerpot of used cigarettes is rather off-putting. As is littering of cigarette butts. I do agree though, it is hard to police. It will, therefore, be an on-going consideration, as to how best to control the smoking and subsequent littering.

  4. 14 High Street is a well established Butchers which at one time had its own slaughterhouse. Could that be why the building next door was known as
    Blood Bay?

  5. The change of use of this sad looking building to a characterful public house, owned by a local person and offering jobs to locals, will be a real asset to Ludlow. Thanks go to Jon Saxon for dreaming up this development and I am sure the execution of the Blood Bay, if my experience of the Dog Hangs Well is anything to go by, will be a credit to the hospitality sector.

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