The Assembly Rooms are only one item on Ludlow Town Council’s agenda tomorrow. But it is one of the most important. Shropshire Council leader Peter Nutting will tell us about the future of our community and arts venue. He will also speak on the county’s economic strategy. I for one don’t know what that strategy does for Ludlow. Of more immediate interest to many people in the town, he will describe his vision for the future of the Assembly Rooms. The meeting is at 7pm tomorrow in the Guildhall.

The public will have an opportunity to speak at the beginning of the meeting. They will not be allowed to address Councillor Nutting directly. But knowing Peter, he is likely to respond to everything he hears. He is the most open of the three leaders of Shropshire Council so far.

Also on the agenda, is the proposed parking restriction for the market square area and the continuing crisis in local health services.

The agenda papers are here.

2 thought on “Shropshire Council leader speak on future of Ludlow Assembly Rooms tomorrow”
  1. History only judges a civilisation by its Arts and on a local level the support for the Arts well demonstrates the effectiveness of Shropshire Council. The costs of supporting the Assembly rooms is off the order of Peter Nuttings expense. I know which I would choose.

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