Viv Parry, Tracey Huffer and myself have responded to Shropshire Council’s consultation on parking charges and length of stay.

We must balance the needs of car drivers with those without a car. The vitality of Ludlow depends on meeting the needs of traders and businesses. Residents need somewhere to park. Our town, which is set to see considerable expansion, must build its future around sustainable transport. Nothing else will work in a town enlivened and constrained by its historic fabric and environmental context.

Our response is based on our intimate knowledge of the town and hinterland it serves, and on the extensive feedback we have received from residents and visitors. Our short term proposals will create more than 50 extra car parking spaces in and around the town centre. Our longer term ideas will boost the sustainability of transport in the town and reduce reliance on car use.

Here are the main points:

The parking strategy must be aligned with the economic, transport and environmental objectives for our town.

Parking must be an integral part of a sustainable transport strategy, including an enhanced park and ride and town bus service.

We should retain 15-minute pop and shop, free parking after 6pm and half price charges on Sunday.

We can create more car parking spaces at the Upper Galdeford and Smithfield car parks, also on our streets.

The black market in residents’ parking permits must end.

We should retain short term parking in Castle Street car park and on-street, and create new short stay spaces in the Upper Galdeford car park.

Read the full report.

3 thought on “Parking changes must support Ludlow’s economy and environment”
  1. Looking at the trend of Shropshire Council it seems purely one of sucking money from Ludlow Visitors and Residents and giving us less and less in form of any return except more traffic wardens to implement their money grab.
    They have reduced services, handed over services to Ludlow Town Council without giving them more money – without aforethought of either the fairness to local residents, their needs and the economy of the town and shopping habits.
    Where will it end?

  2. Should this pop and shop be increased to 30 mins .Once you park and ride is it possible to ask the conductor to stop at shops on request or will they have to drop uff at designated bus stops.

  3. All parking schemes are lauded as road safety measures. Regardless of which town they are in. Take it from one who knows, they are seen as cash cows and nothing else.

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