Day: 12 December 2017

Snow and ice update for Ludlow – roads, schools, buses and more. Tuesday (updated 11.00am)

The weather is expected to improve. I’ll provide updates tomorrow but we are expecting just about everything to be operating normally. But beware early morning ice from the half melted snow. Morning. It’s been a bitterly cold night with temperatures expected to plummet to as low as -12C by 8am. All schools in the area remain closed. Roads and pavements are often hazardous. Buses will try to serve as many areas as they can but both the 701 and 722 are having difficulties accessing some streets. Side streets are gradually being cleared by gritters and tractors. Shropshire Council teams will work on town centre paths today. More updates as they come in and let me know if you have information the public needs to know. Take care but enjoy the snow if you can.

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