The weather is expected to improve. I’ll provide updates tomorrow but we are expecting just about everything to be operating normally. But beware early morning ice from the half melted snow.

Morning. It’s been a bitterly cold night with temperatures expected to plummet to as low as -12C by 8am. All schools in the area remain closed. Roads and pavements are often hazardous. Buses will try to serve as many areas as they can but both the 701 and 722 are having difficulties accessing some streets. Side streets are gradually being cleared by gritters and tractors. Shropshire Council teams will work on town centre paths today. More updates as they come in and let me know if you have information the public needs to know. Take care but enjoy the snow if you can.

Roads and paths remain treacherous. The Eco Park road has been cleared of snow and was gritted at 7.30am. The park and ride car park has up to 30cm of snow so is barely usable. Shropshire Council teams will work on town centre paths today. Council gritters and farmers are clearing roads. Gritting teams are working flat out and very long hours. Shropshire Council has used 2,400 tonnes of salt since the snow started on Friday morning. It has treated the primary road network 16 to 20 times since Friday, and the secondary network several times. There are currently 14,500 tonnes of salt in stock. I take my hat off to the gritting teams and highways officers who are working almost non-stop. Latest update from Shropshire Council (10.30am).

Transport. I’ve asked for extra gritting to get the 701 and 722 fully into service. From what I hear, the 701 is now running normally. The 722 is not serving the Rocks Green estate but is picking up from the top of Dun Cow Road. The service is also not going into Steventon or Tollgate. The 745 to Shrewsbury is expected to run but not serve villages off the A49. There are delays and cancellations on Arriva Wales trains today. Live departure board for Ludlow.

GP surgeries are expected to be open, but if your appointment is not essential there will be no complaints if you ring to cancel it. If you need urgent attention and cannot get out, ring your surgery (Portcullis: 01584 872939; Station Drive: 01584 872461).

Medical. Ludlow Community Hospital outpatient appointments are expected to resume today but it would be worth checking before you travel (01584 872201). The Minor Injury Unit was closed yesterday but is expected to be open today. Again, it’s worth checking before you travel (01584 872201). Seek advice from 111, your GP surgery or pharmacist if you have an urgent healthcare need, or Shropdoc out of hours (0333 222 6655). If you suffer from asthma, it’s best to wear a scarf over your mouth in these cold conditions (advice from Asthma UK).

Helping neighbours. This message is from Shropshire Community Health Trust:

We would encourage people to consider the health needs of any elderly or frail neighbours. Please take the time to visit vulnerable neighbours to check their health and make sure they keep warm and are adequately fed by taking them meals.

You can also help with shopping and home tasks or give them a lift to shops, GP or pharmacy to pick up medications or get their flu jab. And, most importantly, watch for illness and make sure they seek help before it becomes more serious.

Schools. All local schools are closed. That, along with the weather, is having a knock-on impact on other services and businesses because parents are remaining at home to look after their children.

Bins. The advice is still to put black wheelie bins out as usual, along with recycling boxes and the blue bag. If there is no collection, bring the boxes and bag back in to avoid trip hazards. Leave the wheelie bin. It will be collected when it is safe to do so. Only put bins and boxes out if you feel safe on the snow and ice. Updates will be available here.

Market. The Tinsel Tuesday market in Ludlow is cancelled.

Ludlow Assembly Rooms are open. The dementia film A Life More Ordinary is cancelled today. Panto rehearsal going ahead. Box Office will be open from 12 noon until 4.00 today. Zumba and Learn to Jive will go ahead as normal.  All other classes have been cancelled. Rehearsals for pantomime will go ahead as planned. We trust that it will be business as usual tomorrow, Wednesday 13 December.

Library. @LudlowLibrary says: “Please note that due to the extremely icy conditions and the difficulties staff are having making it in from rural areas we will be CLOSED today. We hope to resume normal service tomorrow.”

Shropshire Council and Ludlow Town Council. Awaiting updates.

2 thought on “Snow and ice update for Ludlow – roads, schools, buses and more. Tuesday (updated 11.00am)”
  1. Thank you very much Andy… It,s raining, and I can hear some encouraging dripping sounds, (hopefully outside), but I guess its too soon to celebrate. Incidentally, do you know if postal deliveries were operating today, didn’t see any postmen around here

    1. Beware of localised ice today. Posties are working but not getting to all streets. Also they seem to be going out in two, presumably for safety.

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