News in this afternoon from Keir, the contractors that maintain the A49 for Highways England. The A49 will be closed at Onibury on Thursday night, 22 February, from 9pm until 6am. This is for emergency repairs to the road bridge over the Onny. Keir hope to complete the work in one night. If not, the A49 will also be closed from 9pm until 6am on Friday night.

The official diversion from the south is from Woofferton to Bridgnorth and then up to Bayston Hill at Shrewsbury.

One thought on “A49 to close overnight at Onibury this Thursday and possibly Friday”
  1. I am amazed at the rediculous diversions they seem to be doing, all that way…so much easier 5to just shoot over the racecourse through Caynham and back on at Craven Arms…or better still the back road just over the railway line on the racecourse bringing you out the other side of the railway crossing…
    It would not be so bad if the enforced the companies who do this work to properly put up all signs and then remove them immediately afterwards so you actually manage to divert properly….the Woofferton signs are left up all day…

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